The LINE Group is Adopted by Fukuoka City as a Representative Delivery Service Together with Demae-can and Others in an Effort to Provide Support for Residents in Voluntary Self-Isolation and Business Continuation for Restaurants

Utilizing LINE technology, LINE Fukuoka aims to solve issues accompanying COVID-19 that the city faces

LINE Fukuoka Corporation (“LINE Fukuoka”; Location: Hakata Ward, Fukuoka; Representative Director, President, and Chief Executive Officer: Noritaka Ochiai) participated as the representative planner in a Fukuoka City led initiative to recruit delivery services and support residents in voluntary self-isolation. The project aims to solve issues in the restaurant industry and daily life for residents that are related to COVID-19.

One of Japan’s largest delivery services Demae-can Corporation (“Demae-can”; Location: Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City; Representative Director and President: Rie Nakamura), LINE Corporation (“LINE”; Location: Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo; Representative Director, President, and Chief Executive Officer: Takeshi Idezawa) operated service “LINE Delima” and NTT Docomo Corporation (“Docomo”; Headquarters: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Kazuhiro Yoshizawa) operated service “d delivery” carried out a collaborative proposal and are pleased to announce that Demae-can, LINE Delima and d delivery have been officially adopted as restaurant delivery services.

Overview of LINE Fukuoka’s role in this public recruitment
In order to promote voluntary self-isolation and provide support to restaraunts during the State of Emergency declared in response to the spread of COVID-19, Fukuoka City is promoting third party delivery services.

Promotion targetsProposal content
1. Restaurants offering delivery service
2. Delivery services
For businesses: The one-time registration cost for restaurants will be waived form the day of adoption to May 6 (Usually JPY 20,000)
For users: JPY 500 worth of points or a coupon will be awarded for cashless payment of delivery over JPY 1,000 from April 7 to May 6(Please note that this only applies to cashless payment. Points and coupons will be valid until June 30)

For details on the promotion:

In accordance with the Comprehensive Partnership Agreement between LINE Fukuoka and Fukuoka City, we have made efforts utilizing LINE technology to make Fukuoka a convenient city. In this matter, our company acted as a representative planner for recruiting third party delivery companies and made a proposal to the city and the Demae-can, LINE Delima and d delivery were the services that were officially adopted.

During the State of Emergency (April 7 – May 6) users will be awarded JPY 500 in the form of points or a coupon (valid until June 30) when they order on Demae-can, LINE Delima or d delivery and pay with cashless settlement. Furthermore, to provide support for Fukuoka restaurants that register with the delivery services, the one-time registration fee will be waived from the campaign begins (April 18) until May 6.

What can be expected as a result of this initiative
1. Support for residents in voluntary self-isolation through delivery service
2. Creation of sales opportunities for restaurants through delivery services
Through these efforts, we are aiming to contribute to the daily lives of residents, as well as preserving the economy.

Moving forward, LINE Fukuoka will continue to proactively undertake initiatives utilizing LINE’s technology and know-how to support daily life and solve the issues residents face that accompany COVID-19.

Overview of the delivery service project aimed at supporting residents in voluntary self-isolation
• Promotion period
Tuesday, April 7 – Wednesday, May 6, 11:59 p.m.
• Promotion content
During the promotion period, consumers who make orders over JPY 1,000 from select restaurants in the Fukuoka City delivery area through Demae-can, LINE Delima or d delivery and pay cashless will be awarded JPY 500 points or given a coupon. Businesses who enroll in the project from the adoption date (April 18) until May 6 won’t have to pay the one-time registration fee.

Note: Details about the campaign are planned to be released on each company’s homepage.
Orders that are deliberately broken up into separate orders may not be eligible for campaign participation. Multiple orders to the same address with the same delivery service also may not be eligible for campaign participation.

• Participating delivery services
Demae-can (Promotion page:
LINE Delima (
d delivery (

• For users – Inquiry form:
• For restaurants – Inquiries related to registration:

<About LINE Fukuoka’s initiatives in response to COVID-19 spread in Fukuoka City>
A feature that lets users get information related to the spread of COVID-19 was added to Fukuoka City’s Official LINE account. Furthermore, the account also plans to offer free online lessons to students who have to stay at home due to school cancellations. We are also planning initiatives as needed to solve issues in the city as well as assist the life of residents in the current circumstances.

Details about the Fukuoka City Official LINE Account’s “Novel Coronavirus Information Compilation” feature:
Details about free online lessons for students (Sorry, only available in Japanese):
Examples of the LINE Group’s COVID-19 related efforts (Sorry, only available in Japanese):

LINE Fukuoka aims to leverage LINE’s technology to create a richer, more convenient and future-oriented city (“Smart City”). Fukuoka City is the location of our headquarters, and in 2018 we concluded the “Comprehensive Partnership Agreement on Community Collaboration Projects” in order to promote the smart city development of Fukuoka City as a partnership between government, private businesses, and city residents.

The Official Fukuoka City LINE Account ( ) provides users with the information that fits their needs, including emergency information (such as evacuation recommendations), trash pick-up day notifications for each area, age-specific childcare information, and more. The “Fukuoka City Oversized Garbage Reservations” (福岡市粗大ごみ受付) account ( also lets users in all areas of the city request for pickup and pay processing fees all on the LINE platform.

Additionally, the mobile remittance and payment service LINE Pay has been introduced for not only private businesses but public institutions, and is helping Fukuoka City go cashless.

In recent examples, when the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Fukuoka City, the next day (February 21) we added a feature to the city’s official LINE account for users to get information related to COVID-19, which is being utilized as a tool for getting emergency information related to its spread.

Case studies of our efforts until now: