LINE and Fukuoka City Launch the Verification Test on “AI Moving and Certificate Guide Services”

The turnaround time to find out the required documents and procedures has been cut down by 90%. Real-time reporting of “congestion” at city offices has also been achieved.

LINE Corporation (located in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo; Representative Director, President, and Chief Executive Officer: Takeshi Idezawa) together with its subsidiary and operator of the LINE Pay service (which allows users to make mobile money transfers and payments through the LINE messaging app), LINE Pay Corporation (located in Shinjuku ward, Tokyo; Representative Director and CEO: Ko Youngsu), and another one of its subsidiaries, LINE Fukuoka Corporation (located in Hakata Ward, Fukuoka; Representative Director, President and CEO: Noritaka Ochiai), are pleased to announce the launch of an “AI Moving and Certificate Guide Services” verification test. This is a project which we pitched to Fukuoka City by creating the “AI Moving and Certificate Guide Services” account. .

Fukuoka City has launched the “Fukuoka City Full Support Verification Test Project,” utilizing advanced technologies such as AI and IoT to solve social issues. Furthermore, it has publically called for contestants from all over the country to make a bid for projects that addressed the above subject. LINE Group proposed “LINE Smart Government AI Moving and Certificate Guide Services” for the category of “AI Moving and Certificate Guide Services,” and our plan was officially selected in December 2018. Following this, we initiated the “Fukuoka Moving and Certificate Guide” account (LINE ID: @eaf2269u) on this day and started the verification test, aiming to streamline administrative services and reduce the workload using our technology.

By simply answering some questions on this LINE account, users can find out the type of documents and procedures that are necessary. For example, requisite documentations vary depending on whether users are moving in or moving out of townships, as well as on the household size. Also, users can check to see how busy the city hall is on a real-time basis and find out alternative ways to obtain certificates. Moreover, an AI automated dialogue system (chatbot) analyzes and answers questions from the users.
This will reduce the time required to find out about the necessary documents and procedures by about 90 percent. Furthermore, by providing information to users on where to receive similar services other than the city hall, it will offset the congestion, which will lead to improved efficiency and decreased workload of public servants.

In addition, we plan on implementing administrative services in the future that accepts as well as issues various applications via LINE; we also aim to eventually build the infrastructure that supports LINE Pay.

Through the conclusion of the "Comprehensive Partnership Agreement on Community Collaboration Projects,” we have partnered with Fukuoka City on various projects starting with the launch of Fukuoka City's LINE Official Account; initiation of the reservation system of bulky garbage pickup; and the promotion of cashlessness through LINE Pay.

LINE Group will continue to work with Fukuoka City to realize a richer and more efficient, smart city by utilizing LINE's advanced technologies such as AI and Fintech.