Infrastructure Report feature on LINE account
We’ve developed a feature that easily lets citizens report damage to infrastructure that they find to the city via LINE.

We developed "Infrastructure Report" (道路公園等通報) for Fukuoka City’s official LINE account. With this feature, the account’s 1.63 million registered users can easily report damage that they find to the infrastructure around the city via LINE.
*As of September 2019

Issues that governments face when addressing aging infrastructure

With roads and other such aging infrastructure being recognized as a problem, reports about damage to infrastructure from citizens are crucially important to governments. While Fukuoka City has traditionally taken such reports over the phone and on a walk-in basis, it has faced issues that include:

  • The volume of reports and limited resources.
    Many of the 19,000 reports made annually are incomplete or include errors, and gathering extra information adds civil service man-hours.
  • Necessary procedures after reports are filed.
    Once a report is received, it takes a long time to connect the reporter to the department in charge, and for that department to then organize the content of the report.
  • No scale of priority.
    Regardless of urgency, most reports come in through the hotline or visits to the responsible departments.

We recognized the demand for a solution that allows accurate information to be collected more efficiently so that reports can be prioritized and processed in order of urgency.

What is "Infrastructure Report" (道路公園等通報)?

With this feature, we aimed to resolve the issues noted above and help the city fix more problems faster by:

  • Integrating an auto-response chatbot into the feature.
    The chatbot offers auto-suggest and minimizes the amount of text that users need to enter.
  • Reducing man-hours.
    The feature makes it easier for government workers to collect the information they need for organizing or categorizing reports with a simple tap-and-choose report format.

Citizens can utilize the feature from a chatroom right away simply by adding Fukuoka City’s official LINE account as a friend. By choosing from options such as "Traffic mirror" (カーブミラー) and "Roadside trees" (街路樹) when making a report, they can notify the responsible municipal department directly.

What kind of results has the feature achieved since its adoption?

"Infrastructure Report" (道路公園等通報) has succeeded in:
• Decreasing the hassle of reporting for users.
• Eliminating tedious tasks for government workers, such as recollecting necessary information, splitting it up among the responsible departments, and organizing the content of reports.
• Reducing the amount of time required to collect and organize information.

We estimate that this feature will allow 3,000 more reports to be handled per year in the same amount of time.

It’s almost impossible for government workers alone to identify all damage to infrastructure at an early stage. In the future, local governments will need to put in place systems for proactively receiving citizen reports, and strive to fix more problems.

By adopting "Infrastructure Report" (道路公園等通報), issues that have come up in the past (such as inaccurate reports or insufficient information) can be prevented. The feature can also provide a system for resolving more problems faster by significantly reducing both the effort required to make a report and the workload for government employees.

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