The Fukuoka City LINE Official Account has Been Redesigned!
Aiming to become an official account that anyone can use without hesitation to find the answers they need

The Fukuoka City LINE Official Account began its operation as a co-creation project between LINE Fukuoka and Fukuoka City.

The account has over 1.65 million registered friends as of March 2020, and offers a wide variety of useful features to residents, such as a feature that lets people receive only the information they want, the "Oversized Garbage Reservations" (粗大ごみ受付) feature, and the "Infrastructure Report" (道路公園等通報) feature.

And now it has a new look!

A design that's easy for anyone to use

We conducted interviews with people from their teens to their seventies, and searched for clues about how to improve the account through behavioral observation.

The account's user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) then got a major overhaul based on what people did and how they looked at their screen. As a result,

we were able to make categories and displays more intuitive!

Another goal was to make the account design easy for anyone to see, so the color of icons and text were decided based on color universal design and Fukuoka City's accessibility standards. The size of buttons and speech balloons were also adjusted.

This redesign was done together with gaz, Inc., a design firm located at the "Fukuoka Growth Next" startup hub.

Further enhancements for the "Childcare Assistance Feature" (子育て案内機能)

The new Childcare Assistance Feature is being added to the Fukuoka City LINE Official Account. The feature offers a wealth of functionality to assist busy parents, who can now search for "Baby Stations" (赤ちゃんの駅) when they are out of the house and need to nurse their child or change their diaper. They can also get answers to frequently asked questions (such as how to receive childcare allowance or find temporary childcare facilities) based on their child's age or their household situation from a chatbot.

① Search for a Baby Station on LINE!

Baby Stations are facilities where parents can easily drop in to when they need to change their child's diaper or nurse them(※).

Even if they have not looked up Baby Station locations before they leave the house, parents can rest easy knowing that if they use the Fukuoka City LINE Official Account's "Baby Station Search" feature, it will quickly direct them to a nearby facility based on their current location.

※See below to learn more about Baby Stations. (Sorry, only available in Japanese)

② A chatbot will guide you to all the childcare-related information you want, from vaccinations in Fukuoka to daycare facilities and childcare allowance!

With the Fukuoka City LINE Official Account, you can easily find the answers to your questions for each topic and situation of childcare just by selecting choices and following the chatbot display.

Aiming to become an account that's more closely related to the daily lives of Fukuoka City residents

The Fukuoka City LINE Official Account offers easy-to-use features that allow users to become more familiar with various government services.

Moving forward, we hope to strengthen the connection between the local government and Fukuoka's citizens and contribute to the building of a strong, affluent city by making the account useful to even more people.

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