LINE Pay’s QR code payment adopted by Fukuoka City's public facilities
LINE Pay’s QR code payment feature becomes Fukuoka City’s #1 QR code payment service in name and reality.

Since April of 2019, more and more of Fukuoka City’s public facilities have adopted LINE Pay on a full scale. The service can now be used to pay:
• Residence certificate, family register, and other such certification issuing fees;
• Bicycle parking lot usage fees;
• Art museum or zoo admission fees;
and more!

Why is Fukuoka City racing to become cashless?

With Fukuoka City’s population on the rise, public facilities are rushing to streamline the response of their strained service contact points. Going cashless is expected to make relevant service work more efficient and improve the quality of civic services.
Another urgent task for public facilities is responding to annually increasing numbers of tourists from overseas. Going cashless will lead to economic invigoration by these tourists, as well as increased productivity (such as the streamlining of office work for businesses).
Verification testing was done at Fukuoka City’s public facilities from June of 2018, and the decision was made in April of 2019 to begin the full-scale adoption of LINE Pay.

Why choose LINE Pay?

出典:LINE調べ(LINEアンケート サンプル数 福岡県 942人 2019年4月)

Because it’s the most used service in Fukuoka!

Recognizing the overwhelming number of users that LINE already has and its highly reliable security (thanks to the acquisition of international security recognition), Fukuoka City chose to adopt LINE’s payment service "LINE Pay." Currently, this service can be used to pay Fukuoka City taxes and electricity bills from Kyushu Electric Company. In an April 2019 survey, LINE Pay was found to be the most frequently used QR code payment service in Fukuoka City.

Naver Pay and WeChat Pay are often used in China and Korea (where 80% of Fukuoka City’s tourists from overseas hail from), and payment with these services is also possible at facilities that have adopted LINE Pay. In verification testing done in 2018, 83% of Fukuoka City public facility employees who were surveyed indicated that they wanted to continue using LINE Pay services, citing "the ability to respond more smoothly to tourists from overseas" and "facility visitor demand" as reasons.

How can I use LINE Pay at Fukuoka City public facilities?

LINE Pay terminals have mainly been adopted at Fukuoka City’s public facilities. You can make payments with LINE Pay at 20 service contact points and 39 public facilities*, including the Citizens’ Affairs Division consultation counter of each ward office, Fukuoka Art Museum, and Fukuoka Zoo & Botanical Garden.
*As of April 2019

The LINE Pay terminal can accommodate QR code payments with LINE Pay right away; just set it up on site and turn it on! Customers can easily make payments with LINE Pay by scanning the QR code that appears after a service representative enters the total into the terminal.

What does a future where LINE Pay use is widespread look like?

LINE is aiming to make Fukuoka City even more abundant and convenient through the concept of "cashless+α." Beyond making physical locations and service contact points cashless, new projects that leverage LINE’s platform are being born one after the next in Fukuoka City. These include the ability to pay bulky trash processing fees using the city’s official LINE account, and links to the "Smart Order" feature (which lets users order food from their seat and pay with LINE) and the "i-Kasa" umbrella sharing service. We believe that these projects will lead to the enrichment of the lives of Fukuoka’s citizens and offer new experiences to tourists.
In the future, we will pursue the expansion of LINE Pay availability, promote the transition to a cashlessness, and work to achieve the abundance and convenience that await once Fukuoka has become a cashless city.

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