Smart Order
No more waiting in lines! From order to payment with LINE

At the World Kitchen event, which took place in front of Hakata Station on January 9, 2019 to mark 150 days until the G20 Fukuoka Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting, LINE introduced a new service that allowed users to do everything from placing orders to making payments without ever waiting in line.

Why did you decide to develop this feature?

At peak hours of the day, places like food courts tend to get extremely crowded—which means, among many other inconveniences, a lot of waiting in line to order with no guarantee that you'll have a place to sit and eat once you've paid and received your order. Zoning in on one of the main causes of such congestion, namely ordering and paying, we developed this feature as a way to help people order, pay, and be able to fully enjoy their orders even at times like these.

What is it?

Get out of line! Order and pay with LINE!

Browse shop lists and menus and place your orders all via LINE, and then checkout with LINE Pay! The entire process, from order to checkout, can be done in LINE, so you won't need to stand in line! So you'll be freed up to take a seat and make more use of your time. And, that's right—no buzzer! You'll get a LINE notification when your order's ready!

How do I use it?

1. Add LINE's Smart Order account as a friend on LINE.
2. From the talk screen, select a shop from the list.
3. Find the item and select how many you would like to order.
4. Select "Checkout" and pay with LINE Pay.
5. Once you’ve paid, you’ll be issued an order number.
6. A notification will be sent to your LINE chat screen when your order is ready.
7. Show your order number to the staff to claim your order.

Why should I use it?

Using our service takes 47% less time!

Customers who paid with cash averaged 12.9 minutes to look for and get seating, order, pay, pick up and find their seats again. Those using the LINE app service completed this process in 6.8 minutes. That's virtually half the time!

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