Fukuoka Smart Move
Just 30 seconds! LINE has all the info you need for your move.

Moving often comes with a sense that you don't know what documents you need or what to do next. Now, all that can be solved with this LINE talk room! No more crowded lobbies, just get the information you need quickly and easily.

Why did you decide to make this feature?

Fukuoka City is special in that it has so many people moving both in and out all the time. Hakata and Chuo Wards are especially active, with less than half of residents living at the same address for more than 5 years.
Until now, we have always had to collect as much information as possible on what to do, according to our unique circumstances (i.e. location, family, etc.) before moving. Also, when moving season comes, government offices are typically very busy. This feature came about as a means to combat the pressing need for more efficiency on both the sides of the user and the government.

What is Fukuoka Smart Move?

Is it busy today? Where do I start? Find out instantly!

Just answer the questions that pop up to find out exactly what forms you need, and what you need to do! You can check how busy the ward office is at a particular time, as well as how to get other necessary certificates that aren’t at your local ward office. You can also ask questions freely. LINE's AI (Chatbot) will analyze your questions and answer them!

How do I use it?

First, select either "What do I need?" or "Frequently Asked Questions." Next, answer the questions about your situation and get exactly the information for you, right from the LINE talk room!

Why should I use Fukuoka Smart Move?

You can get all of the information you need in one tenth the time. By answering your questions automatically, the Chatbot can lessen the load on ward office staff, so you'll spend less time at the ward office when you go! The process will be smoother, and visitors will leave more satisfied than before.

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