Co-creation with "i-Kasa" umbrella sharing service
Our first co-creation project with a private company geared towards achieving a "smart city!"

"i-Kasa" is an umbrella sharing service that started in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward and lets users rent, pay for, and return an umbrella on LINE. LINE Fukuoka helped support expansion of the service to Fukuoka City through a joint promotion and by cooperating in advertising. This was the first of many co-creation projects we will be pursuing with various organizations (including private companies) in the future geared towards making Fukuoka a "smart city."

What is i-Kasa?

Anyone can use i-Kasa by opening their LINE account and scanning the QR code printed on an umbrella. It costs JPY 70 a day (24 hours) to rent an umbrella, and payments can be made with LINE Pay. To return an umbrella, just scan the return QR code posted on the nearest shared umbrella pickup/drop-off stand.

A city where you can "get going without your umbrella or wallet?!" i-Kasa and LINE make it a reality!

Through our co-creation projects with Fukuoka City and private companies, we at LINE aim to make Fukuoka an even more convenient and abundant "smart city" where people can connect to the information, products, and services they want, when they need them.

i-Kasa utilizes LINE as a platform, allowing people to rent umbrellas when they need them via LINE. By combining this service with LINE Pay (our cashless payment solution) and the information provision service on Fukuoka City’s official LINE account (where users can get a variety of information, including weather forecasts), we’re achieving a city where you can "get going without your umbrella or wallet."

Imagine that you check the morning’s weather forecast and notice that there is a 50% chance of rainfall. Even on days like this, you can be on your way without your umbrella or wallet weighing you down.

In Fukuoka, LINE Pay can be used to make cashless payments at many places, including public facilities. i-Kasa lets you rent an umbrella when you need it and return it when you’re done using it so you can enjoy getting out with your hands light and free.

LINE supported the expansion of i-Kasa in Fukuoka through a joint promotion

In an effort to get even more people to use i-Kasa, LINE did a joint promotion that allowed people to use the service for JPY 1 per day if they paid with LINE Pay.

• Promotion period: Tuesday, May 21 - Saturday, August 31, 2019
• Eligibility: Anyone who rented an umbrella from i-Kasa’s shared umbrella pickup/drop-off stands in Fukuoka City and selected LINE Pay as the payment method during the promotion period.

Promoting collaborations geared towards the realization of a "smart city" with private companies

Through our undertakings based on the "Comprehensive Partnership Agreement on Community Collaboration Projects," both LINE Fukuoka and Fukuoka City are aiming for future-oriented urban development that leverages LINE’s technology to make Fukuoka an even more abundant and convenient "smart city."

Co-creation with various organizations (including private companies) will be essential to further promote Fukuoka’s transition to a "smart city." Our collaboration with i-Kasa is the first co-creation project with a private company geared towards making a Fukuoka a "smart city," and we hope to move forward with similar projects in the future.

If you’re interested in taking on the challenge of co-creating a LINE Smart City, please contact us via the Inquiry Form.

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