Bulky Trash Helpbot
Making trash collection easier for everyone!

The trash collection process for large, bulky items has always been a hassle for everyone. More people are using LINE to make requests rather than by telephone, reducing the workload for the city of Fukuoka.

Why should I use it?

The amount of large trash being collected is growing year by year and with it the need for more workers to handle it. When citizens need to dispose of large trash, they tend to do so either by telephone or internet. Most requests are received by telephone but internet requests would help to lessen work for the government. The reality is that approximately 80% of requests are still made by telephone today.* Fortunately, this LINE service can help make it easier for everyone to make requests while placing less stress on the government.
*As of the 2017 fiscal year

What exactly is this Bulky Trash Helpbot?

It's never been this easy!

Now you can send requests for large garbage pickups just by using the LINE talk function.

Using the Bulky Trash Helpbot

Tap the "Request Pickup" button on the "Fukuoka City Bulky Trash Pickup Request" account talk screen and send a message just as you would when messaging a friend or family member. Answer the questions that appear and voila! Request sent.

Why use it?

Requests via LINE are at around 15%!

The account now boasts over 20,000 registered friends.* Service began on Sep. 19, 2018 and by the end of Feb. 2019, 15% of requests came via the LINE app. The approximately 13,000 requests that came in were all handled by 2 operators. 97.4% of those who used the service answered that they were satisfied in a survey afterwards.
*As of Feb. 2019

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