"Smart" hospitality with LINE
"No search, no translation, no wallet, no problem!" feature helps resolve inbound tourism issues.

Held June 8–9, 2019, the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors’ Meeting in Fukuoka covered important topics such as blockchain technology, virtual currency, trade wars, and financial technology ("FinTech") in an effort explore the future of the chaotic global economy.
LINE offered "smart" hospitality that utilizes our technology to meeting attendees from overseas.

Why did you create the "G20 FUKUOKA LINE" account?

In Japan, declining birthrates and the graying of society have contributed to the decline of local economies. While it is said that addressing inbound needs is an effective way of dealing with these issues, there have been problems doing so.
According to a survey conducted by the Japan Tourism Agency, many tourists had trouble "getting information about sightseeing spots/restaurants," "communicating with facility staff members," or "with available payment methods" while visiting Japan.
LINE has tried to resolve these issues by developing a "smart" hospitality feature that utilizes our technology.

What is "smart" hospitality with LINE?

"No search, no translation, no wallet, no problem!"

We offered a "communication/ cashless payment" feature on the G20 FUKUOKA LINE official account that provides a smooth start-to-finish sightseeing experience by letting users:
• Learn about tourist attractions and restaurants without having to search for them
• Order meals without the need for interpretation, and pay for them without touching their wallets.

Customized sightseeing tours

With this feature, you can get customized sightseeing recommendations by entering where you are from and your preferences into a chatbot. The feature accommodates specific preferences (such as restaurants that are popular with locals rather than tourists), and promotes more evenly distributed tourism as well as payments throughout the city (instead of just well known tourist traps).

Order without an interpreter, pay without your wallet

By combining LINE as well as LINE Pay features and making the G20 FUKUOKA LINE official account available in English and Japanese, we made smoother, stress-free communication (from ordering to paying and everything in between) possible.

Note: This feature is based on the beta version offered at the "World Kitchen" event held on January 9, 2019 to commemorate the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors' Meeting.

What is the future of tourism in the "smart city" of Fukuoka?

While we have started to take on inbound tourism issues by achieving our motto of "No search, no translation, no wallet, no problem!" with this feature in LINE’s user interface, we still have a lot to tackle.

The confusion and inconvenience that people feel when they are sightseeing can be eliminated with LINE’s strength of being lightweight. In the future, we aim to fully utilize this strength and offer a service that lets users enjoy stress-free sightseeing from start to finish with LINE.