Co-creation project with ANA
Barbecue areas where fresh seafood is delivered from remote islands by drone.

On August 1, 2019, LINE Fukuoka collaborated with ANA HOLDINGS INC. ("ANA" below) and applied LINE’s "Smart Order" feature* in a trial that let users order fresh seafood, pay, and request delivery by drone from a barbecue area, all with LINE. We did this trial to offer producers on remote islands ("Producers" below), vendors, and users new experiences of connecting with LINE.
* Please see this case study for details about the "Smart Order" feature.

Why did you do this trial?

People living and working on remote islands currently face a variety of issues, including relatively expensive distribution costs due to the skyrocketing price of fuel and difficulty securing a labor force thanks to declining birthrates and the graying of society.

Focusing on these issues, we conducted the trial with the aim of revitalizing remote islands, improving the operational efficiency of vendors, and contributing to making the lives of citizens more convenient in the future by connecting Producers, vendors, and users with LINE.

Why did you collaborate with ANA?

We here in the Smart City Strategy Department aim to make the lives of citizens more convenient by leveraging LINE’s technology and strengths to resolve social issues. In this case, we set our sights on the everyday challenges faced by people living and working on remote islands. While searching for ways to overcome these challenges, we crossed paths with ANA, which had already started verification testing utilizing drones in their efforts to resolve similar issues.

As our discussions with ANA progressed, we realized that our understanding of issues faced by people living on remote islands was the same, and believed that we could make the most of each others’ strengths. Given all of this, we decided to collaborate on verification testing.

LINE’s strengths

1. It is close at hand, since many people use LINE’s services every day.
2. Its convenience, thanks to a UI that people are familiar with.
3. Users don’t need to download the app over and over again.

Do it all with LINE

Before a barbecue, you need to communicate with your friends; while it’s going on, you may need to order and pay for more food to grill; and after it’s over, you’ve got to share memorable photos and video you shot. A unique characteristic of this service is that its seamless design lets you do all of these things with LINE.

In the future, we in the Smart City Strategy Department hope to offer citizens new experiences that utilize LINE’s platform.
We’re always looking for corporate partners that will take on the challenges of making the lives of citizens more convenient and resolving social issues by taking full advantage of our respective technology and strengths.

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