LINE Fukuoka ranked No.1 in "The best workplaces selected in Fukuoka 2019" survey. LINE Fukuoka received the highest ratings in the categories of "interesting job content" and "career progression."

Saturday, August 24 Hiring Event "LINE Fukuoka Hiring Day"

LINE Fukuoka Corporation (Head Office Location: Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture. Representative Director/President: Noritaka Ochiai) was selected as the No. 1 company in the "The best workplaces selected in Fukuoka 2019" survey conducted by Randstad Holding (Head Office Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Representative Director/President: Satoshi Saruya), the first local version of their Employer Brand Research survey.

This survey is based on 10 globally standardized criteria, and LINE Fukuoka received the highest ratings in the categories of "uses latest technologies," "interesting job content," "career progression," "work-life balance," and "pleasant work atmosphere." Additionally, in order to further accelerate our efforts to make a splash on a global scale, we will be holding a "LINE Fukuoka Hiring Day" event.

What is the "Best local companies to work for—Fukuoka 2019" survey?

This is the Fukuoka version of the Employer Brand Search survey conducted around the world based on common global standards by Randstad, a global leader in the HR services industry, to measure how attractive companies are as places to work. This survey has been conducted in over 30 countries and regions since it was first conducted 20 years ago in the year 2000 in Belgium. This year marks the eighth time the survey has targeted a region within Japan and the first time the Fukuoka area has been surveyed.

Representative Director/President: Noritaka Ochiai Acceptance Comment
I'm proud to accept this honor on behalf of LINE Fukuoka. 6 years have passed since LINE Fukuoka was established in Fukuoka as LINE's second location in Japan. Even as we've worked together with LINE Corporation to grow LINE's business, we have also taken advantage of our position in Fukuoka to create new value in the area. I would like to thank our innovative staff and their families, as well as everyone who uses our services and the partner companies and local government that continue to support us. We will continue to do our best to be worthy of this high acclaim.

Saturday, August 24 Hiring Event "LINE Fukuoka Hiring Day"

LINE Fukuoka brings "WOW—new experiences that impress users" to the world by improving usability of LINE-related services and creating new value that is unique to Fukuoka, and tries new things day to day in order to achieve LINE Group's mission of "CLOSING THE DISTANCE—bringing people, information, and services closer together around the world."
We're looking for people to join us in achieving these global goals from our location here in Fukuoka. To that end, we'll be creating more opportunities for people who agree with our mission and culture and who are interested in working together with us to meet our staff and engage in frank conversation.
The first of these opportunities will be "LINE Fukuoka Hiring Day," an event that will be held on Saturday, August 24. We plan to start releasing event details and start accepting applications to participate in mid-July. We will be putting all of the latest information about this event and other efforts by our company on the LINE Fukuoka official account (LINE ID: @linefukuoka). Please add the official account to gain access to the information.

As LINE's second location in Japan, LINE Fukuoka will continue to work together with the help of our partner companies, organizations, and the local government to bring WOW to users and grow LINE's business with even more innovative ideas.

About LINE Fukuoka

LINE Fukuoka Corporation was fully funded by LINE Corporation and established in 2013. LFK has handled operations work since the beginning, providing quality assurance and optimization as well as customer support to improve the user experience, but now our roles also include development, creative work, and business planning.

Employee Data

LINE Fukuoka has grown from 180 employees at the time of the company's founding to over 1,000 at present. 32% of LINE Fukuoka employees returned or moved to Fukuoka for the first time to work here, and 26% came from places like Kansai, the greater Tokyo area and overseas, not having originally been from Fukuoka. 13% of our employees are foreign nationals, coming from 21 countries and making the work environment here very diverse.

Fukuoka Area Projects

LINE Fukuoka Corporation does a variety of work that is based on our desire to connect LINE to the people of Fukuoka and grow LINE together with them, using LINE services to contribute to the area. In August of 2018, we signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with Fukuoka City, promising to cooperate on local projects by working together to make Fukuoka a prosperous and convenient city of the future (Smart City) with the use of advanced technologies like AI and Fintech.

  • (Main Projects So Far)
  • - Opened a LINE official account for Fukuoka City (LINE ID: @fukuokacity) - First for a city designated by government ordinance
  • - Created the Fukuoka City Bulky Trash Helpbot (LINE ID: @fukuokacity_sdg) - First for a local government
  • - Fukuoka Smart Move (LINE ID: @eaf2269u)
  • - Provided a LINE official account for G20 Fukuoka-related events.

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