Fukuoka City Launches Official LINE Account, Fortifies Information Provision to Citizens

From disaster prevention to garbage collection days and child rearing information, users can now receive only the desired information

Free LINE character stickers promoting the specialties, culture, and history in Hakata dialect to be distributed

LINE Corp. (located in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo; Representative Director/President/CEO: Takeshi Idezawa) is pleased to announce that Fukuoka City (Mayor: Soichiro Takashima) has launched a new Official Account on the company’s “LINE” communication app. To celebrate its launch, we are offering free “Fukuoka City × LINE FRIENDS” stickers in which LINE characters promote Fukuoka’s specialties, culture, and history in Hakata dialect to users who add Fukuoka City’s Official LINE Account as a friend.

LINE concluded an Information Provision Fortification Tie-up Agreement with Fukuoka City in October 2016, and has been considering the transmission of municipal information for various sectors which is closely related to its citizens’ lives. As of today, we began providing such information via the newly launched Fukuoka City Official LINE Account (LINE ID: @fukuokacity).

※This account differs from the existing “Fukuoka City Public Relation Desk” account.

Fukuoka City will transmit "Disaster Prevention" (e.g. emergency and evacuation announcements, PM 2.5 forecasts, etc.) and "Child-Rearing" information that corresponds to a child’s age, as well as "Trash Day" notifications that push collection day reminders by area from this account. By making information configurable by category, area, age, etc., users can now receive only the information closely related to their daily lives that they really need.

"Fukuoka City × LINE FRIENDS" LINE stickers are also available for download until July 23. (These stickers will remain valid for 180 days after download.)

Under the slogan of "CLOSING THE DISTANCE", LINE's corporate mission is to bring people all over the world closer to each other, various information and services, and everything in between, in addition to creating comfortable relationships. Through this project, LINE will proactively offer its cooperation and support in order to close the distance between local governments and citizens.

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