Governance Change Notice

At the Board of Directors Meeting held at LINE Fukuoka Corp. (located in Hakata Ward, Fukuoka; Representative Director/President/CEO: Takeshi Idezawa) on April 26, 2016, it was decided that as of May 1, President Idezawa will be stepping down, and that his successor will be Director Noritaka Ochiai.

Since its establishment as a second domestic headquarters in November 2013, LINE Fukuoka has steadily expanded and grown, pursuing planning, development, operational, and customer support activities for LINE and related services in addition to proactively recruiting in Fukuoka and Kyushu. In order to continue our collaboration with LINE as well as further grow our businesses and strengthen our ability to secure superior staff, LINE Fukuoka will shift to a new operational structure with Mr. Ochiai (an executive officer who has worked as a manager in the Human Resources and Recruiting sectors at our parent company, LINE) at the top.

In order to spread new innovations from Fukuoka to the world, LINE Fukuoka will progress even more boldly in the future!

取締役 落合 紀貴

Brief Bio of our New Representative Director/President/CEO

Mr. Noritaka Ochiai
LINE Fukuoka Corporation Representative Director/President/CEO (concurrently LINE Corporation Executive Director)
June 18, 1974 Born
April 2013 Became LINE Corporation Executive Director. Contributed to General Affairs and Human Resources. (current position)
November 2013 Became LINE Fukuoka Corporation Board Member*.
May 2016 Became LINE Fukuoka Corporation Representative Director/President/CEO*.
* Concurrent LINE Corporation Executive Director

About LINE Fukuoka Corporation

LINE Fukuoka Corp. was established as 100%-owned subsidiary of LINE Corp. in November of 2013
It currently (as of January 2016) has 655 employees, and performs all planning, development, operational, and customer support activities for LINE and related services.