Employee Data

LINE Fukuoka was established in November 2013 with 180 employees, and has expanded to 1,155 employees (as of January 2021) in the 8th year. One of our unique characteristics is that 54% of our employees relocated from other parts of the country or abroad when joining the company. We also offer a richly diverse environment with employees hailing from 24 countries.

Shift in employee numbers

LINE Fukuoka was established eight years ago in November 2013. The company currently has 1,155 employees and continues to grow steadily.


Average age

Many young people with a sense of ownership are active in the company: 87% of the workforce is in their twenties or thirties, and the median age is 32.

20代 33%、30代 54%、40代以上 13% 2021年1月基準

Coming From Afar

54% of our staff are originally from (or have returned from) larger metropolitan areas. Having entrants not only from Fukuoka but also Tokyo, Kansai, and abroad is another of our unique characteristics.

九州出身、ずっと九州で働いている 46%、九州出身、入社以前に九州以外で働いた経験あり 30%、海外を含む九州以外の出身 24% 2021年1月基準

Foreign Staff

10% of our workforce is expatriate staff who hail from 24 countries worldwide, including countries throughout Asia (e.g. Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia), the US, Peru, the UK, France, the Netherlands, and Australia. Language study support is also available so staff can work with peace of mind.

イラスト: 24か国の外国籍スタッフ 2021年1月基準