The office is divided into work areas (ON spaces) and rest areas (OFF spaces),
providing an environment that makes it easy to get a change of scenery or focus on work.

There is a 3-meter tall "Mega-Brown" plush statue in our spacious reception area.
LINE characters are waiting to greet visitors.
Work Spaces
Down to the detail of desk width, our Work Spaces take the needs of each position into consideration, creating an easy to use environment.
Work Spaces
Height-adjustable desks are set up in the Work Space for engineering positions. Each employee can adjust their desk to a height that makes it easiest for them to concentrate.
Meeting Rooms
Nearly 40 meeting rooms are available for use in the office. Any staff member can reserve the room that best meets their needs, whether holding a meeting for 5 or 10 people.
Communication Spaces
There are Communication Spaces around the Work Spaces for casual meetings or quick breaks. These spaces give coworkers a chance to get away from their desks and enjoy casual communication.
Tele-presence Room
Used for meetings with Tokyo, Korea, or other global branches of the LINE group. This system lets employees communicate in real-time with life-sized video images, as if the person they are speaking to is sitting in the same room with them.
Seminar Hall
Equipped with a large-scale projector and sound system, the Seminar Hall can accommodate around 50 people. It is used for section-wide meetings or seminars / informative sessions geared towards visitors.
The Cafe can seat up to 200 people. It is used on a daily basis by employees as a cafeteria and break area, and is also used to host visitors during workshops or recruiting events.
Coffee, juice, snacks, LINE character goods, and more are available for purchase in the employee-only Cafe.
Break Area
This area gives employees a place to relax on comfortable cushions and enjoy the sunshine streaming in from the windows.
Massage Room
In the employees-only Massage Room, staff can enjoy a professional massage by a nationally licensed masseuse at discount prices.
There is also a first aid room for those anyone who feels unwell during the workday.
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