LINE Fukuoka Corp. was established as 100%-owned subsidiary of LINE Corp. in November of 2013, and started out an operational base for quality assurance and content optimization to improving the user experience, as well as customer support. Our roles have since expanded and continues to grow; we now oversee Development (including design and implementation that take performance and user experience into consideration), Creative (which offers users valuable design experience through LINE Sticker and various other design), and Planning (which handles content planning and improvement strategizing to increase our active user base).

The Four Roles of LINE Fukuoka

In charge of developing LINE and Family Apps such as LINE Baito. We also handle all engineering, from the necessary client, server-side, Web front-end, or infrastructure development to the analysis and machine learning that accompanying these.
In charge of UI design for the LINE messaging and Family Apps, as well as illustration and animation of LINE Stickers.
In charge of quality assurance for improved user experience, customer support that utilizes VOC, analytical evaluation and project direction of our services, translation performed by native speakers, and the operation of a 24/7/365 monitoring structure.
In charge of planning and operations that encourage the use of our services through individualized planning that makes use of unique regional features.

Employment Trends

In the 2.5 years after its establishment in November 2013, the company grew by 521 members, and those numbers are still on the rise!

Employee Attributes

The ratio of men to women
The ratio of men to women is roughly 50/50 (men make up 51% while women make up 49% of our staff). Women also occupy 30% of management positions, setting a high standard* compared to other domestic companies.
*Based on the "Labor Force Survey" produced by Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau
Average Age
We have many young staff members actively contributing to our business activities. In fact, employees aged 25 to 34 make up 65% of the entire workforce, with an average age of 30.
Expatriate Staff Members
Hailing from more than 13 countries throughout the world (including China, England, Germany, Indonesia, Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, the U.S. and more), expatriates make up 10% percent of our total staff, creating an environment rich in diversity.
Employee Roots
More than 40% of our team join the company after working in larger cities; among them, 30% join from outside of Fukuoka or Japan. One of LINE Fukuoka's unique characteristics is that many new hires come not only from Fukuoka but also Tokyo, the Kansai region, and overseas.*
* Based on an independent survey of 648 LINE Fukuoka employees.