Benefit Package and
Other Support Programs

LINE Fukuoka has many programs that support employees grow, 
providing an environment where they can take on new challenges.
We have an environment where the employees 
can work with peace of mind.

Be Unique, Be Proactive

LINE Pay Card Benefit Plan
LINE Pay Card 
Benefit Plan

This is part of the company benefit package where a set amount is provided through LINE Pay every month. Employees have the discretion on what to use it for. For example, they can use it for self-development purposes or for healthcare reasons.

Promotion of LINE Service
Promotion of 
LINE Services

LINE offers credits to employees so that they can purchase LINE stickers, game items or manga. This is part of the benefit package that is tied into the promotion of raising the awareness of LINE's proprietary services.

Opportunities for Further Skill Improvement
Opportunities for Further 
Skill Improvement

We offer trainings and workshops to employees for their career advancement as well as for those slated to be in the managerial roles. Language courses are also offered to help the employees who use it in business settings.

Mobile Usage Support

Employees can request for a partial cashback for the cost of using LINE MOBILE.
This promotes employees to use our own service and to foster deeper understanding.

Sharing and Commending 
Value Creation Knowledge

At LINE Fukuoka, we go beyond departmental barriers.
The company shares valuable work examples and initiatives, and gives awards to employees for their achievements.
We have opportunities to share and admire knowledge for the growth of our company.

Flat and Open Culture

There are many opportunities to express how you feel about your daily work
as well as your career plans with team members and managers.
Our in-house cafe or relaxation areas offer an environment to casually talk with your peers on a one-on-one basis.

Valuing Connection with People.

Relocation Support

This is a system to partially alleviate the financial burden of employees who are relocating from outside Fukuoka or from abroad (based on the company's regulations). We also help foreign employees obtain visas.

Exclusive Benefits for Employees
Exclusive Benefits 
for Employees

There are rewards designed to give added benefits to your life outside of the company, ranging from watching baseball games to theatre tickets. Special deals are also given for gym membership, which leads to health promotion. We provide partial assistance for employees who are interested in language studies.

Extracurricular Groups

The extracurricular group system promotes exchanges across departments. We have a variety of extracurricular activities, ranging from literary circles to sports.

LINE Family Day

Through events that invite family members of LINE employees, 
we provide them with opportunities to learn about our working environment, 
our colleagues, and it also allows us to express our daily appreciation.

LINER Communication

The LINE Group uses its business communication tool, LINE WORKS, and video conference tools, 
to realize a quick and speedy communication with employees at other locations.

Employee Assistance When Looking for an Apartment, etc.

We introduce the new employees to our affiliated real estate companies 
for those who are relocating from home or abroad. 
There are benefits, such as discounts of the moving costs (based on our regulations).

Stay Healthy ON and OFF Work

In-house Cafe/Massage Room
In-house Cafe/
Massage Room

The business areas and the relaxation areas are separated. LINE Fukuoka has an environment that easily allows the employees to switch between work mode and relaxation mode.

Special Allowances for Life Events
Special Allowances 
for Life Events

We have various allowances at the time of employees’ life events, such as congratulatory pay for marriage and childbirth, or condolence pay for natural disasters and sickness.

Paid Leave Acquisition Rate: 85% (in 2019)
Paid Leave Acquisition 
Rate: 85%(in 2019)

We have a framework that prevents the overconcentration of workload onto an individual, allowing us to achieve a healthy dose of work-life-balance. (Paid leave for the first year: 13 days. ※Prorated from the starting month of employment. Available from day one.)

Social Insurance Gives Peace of Mind

We provide employment insurance, industrial accident insurance, health insurance, 
employees’ pension insurance and social insurance so that each employee can work with peace of mind.

Commuting Allowance

The company provides transportation expenses for commuting, such as commuter passes for public transportation. Bicycle commuting is also recommended.

Regular Checkups and Maintaining Good Health

Health for our employees is the first priority. We provide health checkups and vaccinations against influenza. 
We also provide assistance for other examinations at individual's request.

Special Leave System

Employees who fall under the company regulations will be given ten day special holidays. 
For a certain period of time, employees get away from work, rejuvenate their body, mind and soul, 
and also can use it as a period for self-development.