Working Environment

In LINE Fukuoka, the work area (“ON” space) and the relaxation space (“OFF” space) are separated. We have a user-friendly working environment
in which the employees can easily switch between their relaxation mode and concentration mode.

LINE's Space that is Full of Fun

LINE Fukuoka is only a few minutes’ walk from Hakata Station.
At the entrance on the 12th floor of the JRJP Hakata Building, you will be welcomed by a huge Brown.
There are conference rooms for visitors and company information sessions are also held in this area.
It is also an area where the office areas and the cafe space are connected and many employees come and go.

Place to Maximize Our Concentration (”ON” Space)

The office has an open-space layout, allowing for casual conversations to take place between members.
Equipped with adjustable desks, engineers work in an environment that allows them to focus by maintaining their own style.

There is also a relaxation space in the same area, and a lot of casual meetings take place as well.
We have many foreign employees, and we have a diverse mix of languages.

Each floor has video conference rooms, and meetings with members of the Tokyo office or the Kyoto office, frequently take place.
We provide an environment where LINE group employees can collaborate easily regardless of the location.

Feeling Refreshed After Switching Off (“OFF” Space)

Cafe is used in various occasions, such as for lunch, breaks and small meetings.
This is a place for LINE employees to relax or to hold events, study meetings and social gatherings.

At the cafe stand, drinks and snacks can be purchased at low prices.
There are also a wide variety of light meals, such as bread, bagels and mini salads,
and you can also purchase lunch boxes during lunch time, so you can enjoy your meal with colleagues.
The down time at the cafe serves as a driving force behind our efforts to work hard.

At each floor, coffee, water servers and snacks are available.
There is a culture where communication is valued, and the office space is set up to make us feel comfortable.

LINE Fukuoka is equipped with massage rooms as well.
It is a healing space where state certified massage therapists are stationed,
and in a relaxed atmosphere, they gently relieve your fatigue.
We have an environment where you can relax and concentrate on your work.